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OIL 2.0


The Oriental Institute Library is currently on a big drive to update our web presence before the new academic year!

Dawn (Dawn Vaux, our Deputy Librarian who runs the library day-to-day) is working on making our main webpage at a bit more exciting and up-to-date, whilst James (James Fishwick, Senior Library Assistant and book cataloguer) has created a blog at and a facebook page at

It’s all very exciting!

James is planning on updating this blog at least once a week, with information on our current projects and any particularly exciting news. Thanks to the wonders of RSS, all the new blog entries will magically appear on our Facebook page as well… They can also be added to Livejournal friends pages, using

We’d particularly welcome feedback from our library users, and would love to know what you think we should be doing online to help you use the library- do you want online tours? Regular news? Photos of new books? Or do you have any other suggestions? 

If you’ve got anything to say feel free to comment on our blog or on the discussion at our facebook page, or get in contact with us using any of the info on our webpage