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August Highlights



This is the first in what will hopefully become a regular monthly post of bits of news which might not warrant a whole post of their own, but will give us a chance to let people know what OIL gets up to, especially when everyone else is on holiday.

August is usually a very quiet period here, but this year the Library has been ringing with the sounds of builders, drilling, hammering, (and, on one occasion, hammering followed by a howl of pain – ouch!) and also of multiple barcode readers beeping away…

Regulars will notice some changes down in the basement; the closed stack has become a friendly room which will eventually become a multimedia suite and the shelves on the righthand side of the basement are empty, awaiting a new collection which is being donated by the National Library of Korea. Watch this space for updates!

The books from the closed stack are now at the Book Storage Facility. Once ingested they will be orderable in the same way as other Bodleian books and will be kept in the reserve.

The Middle East Centre collection of Arabic fiction has also gone to the BSF, but will still be a borrowing collection, books will need to be ordered to the desk first. Staff are being trained in this soon, so feel free to ask us questions!

These moves necessitated, as mentioned, much barcoding. At any given point over a three week period at least one person was wading through over 5,000 Arabic books, re-barcoding each one and ensuring that it was identifiable as part of the collection. The more fragile of the closed stack books are also being boxed as part of the process, so that they will be kept in the best condition possible.

Of course, there have been staff holidays for much of the month as well; so generally speaking it has been fairly quiet. We anticipate things will pick up a bit in September, which will (naturally) in no way prepare us for the onslaught that will be October!


Building Works in the OIL Basement


As those of you who are still around will no doubt be aware, there are works afoot in the Oriental Institute Library basement at the moment.

As stated last week on our Facebook page, the works started on Monday, 16th July, and are expected to last for about four weeks.

The older books from the “S” collection – the ones we used to have to fetch up from the locked stack — have been sent to the BSF, with some being sent for boxing beforehand. They have a status of “Temporarily withdrawn” at the moment, but will be available for ordering in the same way as the other BSF books in the near future.

Meanwhile we are also moving out the Arabic Fiction collection formerly housed in the Middle East Centre Library. This is to make room for an exciting project, of which I am not at liberty to disclose details as yet. The books from the MEC will still be borrowable, despite being housed at the BSF, although this will not happen right away. At some point before the beginning of Michaelmas Term there should be a switch thrown somewhere by one of the people who make Circulation work, and thereafter books ordered up from this collection will be allowed to be taken out of the library for the usual loan periods, depending on whether it is Term or Vacation. We will post more details of when the MEC books become available for borrowing nearer the time.

In the mean time, we hope that those few of you who are still hanging on are not too disrupted by the noise or the sight of librarians wheeling dollies of boxes around the library! Do inform us if you have any problems and we will endeavour to assist.

Trinity Term 2012


A lot of our regular readers seem to have returned now, and I know lots of you are having Oral Exams today – good luck! Ditto to anyone with Collections today or tomorrow…

All vacation loans are due back on Monday of 1st Week (23rd April), so if you had books out please remember to renew or return them over the next few days to avoid fines.

Our exciting new windows are now fully installed, with handles and everything! Apparently the scaffolding will be removed next week, so we’ll soon be all back to normal.

OI Building Work


This Easter vacation the Oriental Institute is having many of its windows replaced. This may make the library quite noisy (and sometimes possibly quite cold), but we will be trying to keep up our normal opening hours. The work will happen in 4 main stages:
– The bike chain at the front of the building will be removed this Friday (24th Feb 2012). All bikes should be removed by 3:00pm or they will be left unsecured, no longer locked to anything.
– Then through the last weeks of term scaffolding will be erected, covering the front of the building.
– During the vacation itself the windows will be replaced. The Library is scheduled to be re-windowed from Wednesday 28th to Thursday 29th of March, but this may change.
– Finally at the start of next term the scaffolding will be removed.

Indian Government Publications


The Indian Institute used to be located at the top of the New Bodleian building, which is now undergoing a major renovation. Because of this, the Indian Institute Government Publications are currently being kept in the Oriental Institute basement, on open shelves where readers can consult them. Whilst they’re here, we’ve been taking the opportunity to make sure they’re all catalogued and on SOLO. Over the past month we’ve had two important developments in the collection:

Some of the Indian Institute Government Publications used to be kept in Nuneham Courtney. These have now joined their fellows in the basement, meaning that all the Government Publications are finally reunited! Also it means that all of the Lok Sabha debates (the details of government debates) are on open shelves – which should be exciting news for scholars of the Indian government.

Also, the cataloguing project has just completed the Geography (shelfmark P) section. This section includes the gazetteers (shelfmark Pa), extensive descriptions of every district in India that are invaluable reference guides. There are now full details of all of these books available on SOLO. The Social Conditions (BB) and Statistics (CC) sections are due to be catalogued next.

Vacation Loans & Opening


We’re now into vacation borrrowing, so if you take out or renew any books you’ll be getting them until the 2nd May – which is Monday of 1st Week.

We’ll be open as normal through the vacation, from 9:15 am to 7 pm on weekdays and from 10 am to 4 pm on Saturdays.

We’re closed for Easter from Thursday 21st April to Monday 25th April (inclusive).

We’re also closed on the morning of Monday 28th March, opening at 12 noon. This is because all the electricity for us, the Sackler and the Ashmolean will be cut off that morning! There will be works taking place in Pusey Lane all that week, so be warned that it may be noisy in the library.

We will be open as normal on the Royal Wedding and May Day bank holidays.

Basement becomes Open Access


Most of our readers know that the Bodleian Oriental Institute Library has collections in Arabic Language and Literature on our ground floor, the PJ section. However what’s less widely known is that we also keep an extensive Arabic Literature section that belongs to the Middle East Library in our basement. These books have been on our online catalogue and available to borrow for a while, but to get access to them you’ve previously had to ask at the front desk.

We plan to eventually move the books upstairs, so they’ll be closer to the main Islamic Literature section, but for now we’ve made these books open access- the doors to the basement have been removed, and anyone can feel free to browse. The collection contains critical works as well as items of literature, and there are lots of gems to be found there. Enjoy!

The books can be found on the online catalogue, where they all have shelf marks beginning with P.

Post-Easter: Book Move & New Acquisitions


The book move before Easter went well- all the Bod Turk and some of the Bod Pers books are now stored in the Central Bodleian. They’re returning on Friday to try and take the rest of the Bod Pers.
There have been a few requests that have taken longer than normal to process as the request has been sent to us whilst the book is in the Bod- sorry about this, hopefully soon it will stop being a problem.

Meanwhile in the stock check we managed to get through all of the Minor (600s & 700s), South Asia (500s) and Islamic Religion (Bs) books. We’ll be searching for missing books soon.

Finally, here’s March’s New Acquisitions list. These books will all be Reference Only for the first couple of months, so feel free to come browse them in the library!

B316.A85 ALO 1995
Alon, Ilai
Socrates Arabus : life and teachings
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 1995

B755.S457 SHA 2009
Shatz, David
Jewish thought in dialogue : essays on thinkers, theologies, and moral theories
Academic Studies Press, 2009

BM755.E76.F57 FIS 2008
Fishbane, Simcha
The boldness of an halakhist : an analysis of the writings of Rabbi Yechiel Mechel Halevi Epstein the Arukh Hashulhan : a collection of social-anthropological essays
Academic Studies Press, 2008

BP189.A65 AND 1960
Andrae, Tor, 1885-1947
Islamische Mystiker
W. Kohlhammer, 1960

BP75.16.B84 BUH 1961
Buhl, Frants, 1850-1932
Das Leben Muhammeds
Quelle and Meyer, 1961

BR60.C5 A33 AGA 1962 Ref.
Agapius, Bp. of Hierapolis, 10th cent.
Agapius Episcopus Mabbugensis : Historia universalis
Secretariat du CorpusSCO, 1962

DP99 FLE 1992
Fletcher, R. A. (Richard A.)
Moorish Spain
Phoenix, 2001

DS134 BOY 2002
Boyarin, Jonathan
Powers of diaspora : two essays on the relevance of Jewish culture
University of Minnesota Press, 2002

DS149.5.E85 EME 2003
Gitelman, Zvi Y.
The emergence of modern Jewish politics : Bundism and Zionism in Eastern Europe
University of Pittsburgh Press, 2003

DS425 IND 2005
Bryant, Edwin F. (Edwin Francis), 1957-
The Indo-Aryan controversy : evidence and inference in Indian history
Routledge, 2005

DS61.85 ORI 2005
Kalmar, Ivan Davidson
Orientalism and the Jews, 1st ed.
Brandeis University Press ; University Press of New England, 2005

DT79 MUL 1969
Muller, Caspar Detlef Gustav
Grundzuge des christlich-islamischen Agypten von der Ptolemaerzeit bis zur Gegenwart
Wissenschaftliche Buchgesellschaft, 1969

E184.J5 JEW 1997
Boyarin, Jonathan
Jews and other differences : the new Jewish cultural studies
University of Minnesota Press, 1997

HQ1728.5 JEW 2008
Ivriyot ha-hadashot. English
Jewish women in pre-state Israel : life history, politics, and culture, 1st ed.
Brandeis University Press ; Published by University Press of New England, 2008

LA71 ERZ 1976
Johann, Horst-Theodor
Erziehung und Bildung in der heidnischen und christlichen Antike
Wissenschaftliche Buchgesellschaft, [Abt. Verl.], 1976

PJ4579.S42 SEG 2010
Segal, Miryam
A new sound in Hebrew poetry : poetics, politics, accent
Indiana University Press, 2010

Stock Check & Stock Move


This has been a busy week!

The library staff have been doing a stock check. Readers have complained about books that say they are in place in SOLO/OLIS but aren’t actually on the shelves. Whilst some of these are probably on people’s desks, a stock check enables us to work out which books really are missing. So if you’ve seen people wandering around the OIL with little beepy machines, that’s why!
We’ve managed to stock check the Minor (600s & 700s), South Asian (500s) and Islamic Religion (B) sections. Hopefully we’ll do the rest of the library in a future holiday.

Meanwhile, the Bodleian Turkish and Persian books have been being moved out of our basement storage area to the Central Bodleian’s storage. This is to clear space for the up-coming closure of the New Bodleian- we’re due to get lots of books from the Reading Room and from the Indian Institute. Our previously locked stacks will then become open access, allowing people to browse our new material. At least, that’s the current plan. Expect more news as and when we get it…

Book Moving


If you come into the OIL today, you’re in for a big surprise…

Today’s the day we’re moving all our books around. The B-BP Islamic section that’s been on temporary shelves at the front of the library during building works is being moved back into sequence, and meanwhile we’re taking the opportunity to compress all our upstairs books & removing empty space. We’ll also hopefully be moving the South Asian and Japan/Korea reference works downstairs, so they’ll be nearer their main sequences. This should leave us lots of empty shelves for when the New Bodleian books get shipped over, as well as leaving us lots of room for our Library of Congress sequence to expand into.

We’re hoping to have new maps of the library ready to show everyone by early next week, but hopefully the new sequence will be fairly intuitive.