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New Website Launched


The all-new re-vamped OIL website has been launched at

Unlike our previous page, this one follows the same design as most of the other big Bodleian libraries. It has more information on useful e-resources, and following recent requests it also has a Recent Acquisitions List and a guide to the new Library of Congress classification.

Obviously the webpage is primarily there to help you, the readers. So if you have any suggestions on how to improve it, we’d love to hear from you!

Our book-move on Saturday was a success. We’ve managed to clear all the Islamic Religion (B and BP) books from the temporary shelving at the front of the library, and dismantled one row of temporary shelves, making the library feel much airier and less claustrophobic. We’ve also compacted our Islamic History collection (D, DS and DT), so it’s all down the right hand side of the library in a single sequence. We’ve still got lots of moving to be done over the next few months but we’ll do it in quiet periods to avoid impacting on our readers too much.


Book Moving


If you come into the OIL today, you’re in for a big surprise…

Today’s the day we’re moving all our books around. The B-BP Islamic section that’s been on temporary shelves at the front of the library during building works is being moved back into sequence, and meanwhile we’re taking the opportunity to compress all our upstairs books & removing empty space. We’ll also hopefully be moving the South Asian and Japan/Korea reference works downstairs, so they’ll be nearer their main sequences. This should leave us lots of empty shelves for when the New Bodleian books get shipped over, as well as leaving us lots of room for our Library of Congress sequence to expand into.

We’re hoping to have new maps of the library ready to show everyone by early next week, but hopefully the new sequence will be fairly intuitive.

New Students


It’s been a hectic week at OIL, as we’ve welcomed all the new students to the Institute. Dawn has been running around between Inductions, whilst Mark, Lidio & James have had constant stream of people to enroll on the front desk. Hopefully all the new students are settling in ok, and finding their way around the libraries!

A reminder to all our borrowers, old and new:
-You are allowed 6 books out at a time from OIL. This number isn’t changed by how many books you have out at other libraries.
-Each book is issued for two weeks during term (longer during vacations).
-You can only renew books online a limited number of times before you have to bring it in to us, and if someone requests a book you can’t renew it at all.

As we’re now in termtime, we’re back to termtime opening hours. So we’re open this Saturday from 10am to 1pm, and from Monday we’re open on weekdays from 9:15am to 7pm.

Advanced Warning: next Saturday (Sat 1st Week, 17th October) we will be open but we’ll be rather busy as the book moving team are arriving to re-organise all our books. Hopefully we’ll have maps showing the new locations of all our books ready at the start of 2nd Week. The changes shouldn’t be *too* dramatic- the books are just being shuffled round a bit to use up all the gaps and create empty space for the New Bodleian’s books. This will mainly affect the books on the ground floor: the Islamic/Arabic/Turkish/Persian books and the reference books.

Ret-Conning 2


The retro-conversion project discussed last month has continued well, working through the South Asian Collection (India, Sanskrit, Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and so on). So far James has inspected almost 2300 items- most of these were already on the system, but around 300 books have been added. He thinks he’ll be finished there in two more months, so all of the South Asian Collection should be complete by Christmas.

In other news, the building works in the library are now fully completed and painted- hurrah! Hopefully our library is ready to welcome the new students arriving from next week…