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Have a good vacation!


It’s almost the end of term- hope all our finalists get good results, and everyone else has a good vacation!

Tomorrow (Saturday 18th June) we’ll be open 10 am til 1 pm, but after that we’re into vacation opening hours. So from Monday we’ll be open 9:15 am to 5 pm Monday-Friday, and closed all weekend.


Summer Vacation Loans


We’re now in 7th week, the penultimate week of term. All books that are taken out from now onwards will be for the entire summer vacation- they’re due back on Monday 1st week, 11th October 2010.

Also, we’d like to wish good luck to any of our readers currently doing exams! Hope they go well…

May’s New Books


24 new books for May 2010:

B755.E8 ESS 1977
Hyman, Arthur, 1921-
Essays in medieval Jewish and Islamic philosophy : studies from the publications of the American Academy for Jewish Research
Ktav Pub. House, 1977

BL2015.Y6.W55 WHI 2009
White, David Gordon
Sinister yogis
University of Chicago Press ; University Presses Marketing [distributor], 2009

BM487.T47 THO 2009
Thomas, Samuel I. (Samuel Isaac)
The “mysteries” of Qumran : mystery, secrecy, and esotericism in the Dead Sea scrolls
Society of Biblical Literature, 2009

BP128.26 C8913 CUY 2009
Cuypers, Michel. Festin. English
The banquet : a reading of the fifth sura of the Quran
Convivium, 2009

BP195.A5 A33 AHM 2008 Ref.
Ahmad, Bashiruddin Mahmud, 1889-1965
Ahmadiyyat, or, The true Islam
Islam International, 2008

BR185.D67 DOR 2006
Doran, Robert, 1940-
Stewards of the poor : the man of God, Rabbula, and Hiba in fifth-century Edessa
Cistercian Publications, 2006

BR60.C5 S85 VOO 1965
Voobus, Arthur
History of the School of Nisibis
Secretariat du CorpusSCO, 1965

BS1315.W43 WEC 2010
Wechsler, Michael G.
Strangers in the land : the Judeo-Arabic exegesis of Tanhum ha-Yerushalmi on the Books of Ruth and Esther
Hebrew University Magnes Press, 2010

BS1830.J6 A7 BUR 2010
Burchard, Christoph
A minor edition of the Armenian version of Joseph and Aseneth
Peeters, 2010

BX167.H45 HEI 2008
Heinz, Andreas, 1941-
Licht aus dem Osten : die Eucharistiefeier der Thomas-Christen, der Assyrer und der Chaldaer mit der Anaphora von Addai und Mari, 1. Aufl.
Paulinus, 2008

D116.7.I3 FRO 2010 Ref.
Fromherz, Allen James
Ibn Khaldun, life and times
Edinburgh University Press, 2010

DS129 PUM 2009
Pummer, Reinhard
The Samaritans in Flavius Josephus
Mohr Siebeck, 2009

DS135.E42 CAP 2007
Capponi, Livia, 1975-
Il tempio di Leontopoli in Egitto : identita politica e religiosa dei giudei di Onia, c. 150 a. C.-73 d. C
ETS, 2007

DS154.9.K35 MIL 2008
Milwright, Marcus
The fortress of the raven : Karak in the Middle Islamic period (1100 -1650)
Brill, 2008

PJ4835.G5.G47 GES 1959 Ref.
Gesenius, Wilhelm, 1786-1842
Wilhelm Gesenius’ Hebraisches und aramaisches Handworterbuch uber das Alte Testament, Unveranderter Neudruck der 1915 erschienenen 17. Aufl.
Springer-Verlag, 1959

PJ7814.T68.I4713 ATR 2002
Atrash, Layla. Imraah lil-fusul al-khamsah. English
A woman of five seasons
Interlink Books, 2002

PJ7820.A46.N3413 DAI 2001
Daif, Rashid. Nahiyat al-baraah. English
This side of innocence
Interlink Books, 2001

PJ7866.M39 K53 UMA 2008
Umaymi, Sultan Ali ibn Bakhit, 1974-
Khamsun shair min al-Imarat, al-Tabah 1.
Hayat Abu Zaby lil-Thaqafah wa-al-Turath, Akadimiyat al-Shir, 2008

PK6540.A1 SAD 2009
Sadi. Poems. Selections
Gulchin-i Sadi : guzidah-yi Gulistan, ghazalha, Bustan, qasidahha, Chap-i 1.
Nashr-i Markaz, 2009

PK6541.G2.S23 SAD 2004
Sadi. Gulistan. English & Persian
Gulistan va Bustan
Hirmis, 2004

PS153.J4 H365 HAN 1988
Fried, Lewis
Handbook of American-Jewish literature : an analytical guide to topics, themes, and sources
Greenwood Press, 1988

Q124 LAN 1999
Langermann, Y. Tzvi
The Jews and the sciences in the Middle Ages
Ashgate, 1999

QB36.S53 LIF 1976
Kennedy, E. S. (Edward Stewart), 1912-
The Life & work of Ibn al-Shatir : an Arab astronomer of the fourteenth century
History of Arabic Science Institute, University of Aleppo, 1976

Z6621.B7435 A7 UNI 1962
Univerzitna kniznica v Bratislave
Arabische, turkische und persische Handschriften der Universitatsbibliothek in Bratislava
Verlag der Slowakischen Akademie der Wissenschaften], 1962