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Cataloguing Continues


Our retro-conversion project, putting all our catalogue online rather than in the old card indexes, is going well- the Islamic Religion (B-BP) section is now complete.

Of the 4380 items, 1621 had been put on OLIS when they arrived and 2598 were done before James started on the section- mainly by Mark & Lidio. So James had an easy job! He’s added 61 holdings to pre-existing records and created 24 new records. There are now 51 Arabic and Persian vernacular items still uncatalogued, and 25 books that seem to be missing so we’re hunting them down…

James is now heading onwards to Islamic History (D, DS & DT). Hopefully that’ll be similarly quick, as Lidio & Mark have already worked through a lot of it.

Meanwhile, Emma at the Indian Institute is working through the South Asian vernacular items for us- thanks Emma!


January’s New Accessions


Here’s the list of January’s new books. If you want to consult any of these, they’re on the Recent Acquisitions Display (on the table near the PCs):

B755.J675 JOS 2009
Jospe, Raphael
Jewish philosophy in the Middle Ages
Academic Studies Press, 2009

BM525.S375 SCH 1965
Scholem, Gershom Gerhard, 1897-1982
Zur Kabbala und ihrer Symbolik
Wissenschaftliche Buchgesellschaft, 1965

BP55.K57 KIS 1980
Kister, M. J., 1914-
Studies in Jahiliyya and early Islam
Variorum Reprints, 1980

DS911.74 KOG 2007
Tongbuga Yoksa Chaedan (Korea)
Koguryo : a glorious ancient Korean kingdom in Northeast Asia
Northeast Asian History Foundation, 2007

PJ4551.S73 STA 2008
Stavans, Ilan
Resurrecting Hebrew
Nextbook : Schocken, 2008

PJ5034.4.A35 AHI 2008
Ahituv, Shmuel
Echoes from the past : Hebrew and cognate inscriptions from the biblical period
Carta, 2008

PJ5491.S55 SOK 2009 Ref.
Sokoloff, Michael
A Syriac lexicon : a translation from the Latin, correction, expansion, and update of C. Brockelmann’s Lexicon Syriacum
Eisenbrauns ; Gorgias Press, 2009

Retro-converting South Asia


The retro-conversion project at OIL is going well, with the South Asian Collection now close to completion. The retro-conversion project is making sure all books in OIL are on OLIS & SOLO- some books bought before 1987 were previously only catalogued in the card catalogue. It’s being done by James Fishwick, a cataloguer employed specially for this task.

The South Asian Collections (with 500s shelfmarks) are mainly about Sanskrit and Prakrit language & literature, with some Pali, Gujerati, Bengali and so on. There are just under 7,000 items.
4,300 of these were already on our online catalogue before James started.
1,500 had copies at other Oxford libraries, so James just had to add holdings for OIL.
Over 800 were not in any other Oxford libraries, so had to have new records made for them or copied from WorldCat.
Finally, almost 300 items in the vernacular have not yet been catalogued, as they’ll require a specialist. Emma Mathieson of the Bodleian’s South Asian collections has said she’ll help us, thankfully!

Now the South Asian collections are finished, James is moving onto Islamic Religion, the BPs. A preliminary survey of the Bs and BLs suggests that these should be considerably quicker to work on- James looked through 984 books in just two days, as only 15 were not already on our electronic catalogue.