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October Headlines and announcements


October is usually one of our busiest months, made to seem even more so by the stark difference between the beginning of Term and the quiet of the previous few Vacation months.

This year has been no different; Term proper started on the 14th of October, but before that was the excitement of Freshers’ Week, and the OIL Open Day.


The Open Day was well-attended, but may have suffered somewhat from its placement at the end of a busy week in that not many people stayed on after the initial presentations took place. Members of the Library staff took turns in introducing themselves and giving a brief talk on various aspects of the Library; Dawn Vaux introduced the library itself, Dinah Manisty discussed electronic resources, Emma Mathieson the South Asian collections, Gillian Evison introduced herself as the Bodleian’s Head of the Oriental Section, Minh Chung gave a brief overview of the Window on Korea collection, and Kate Guest told the new readers about the Library’s Social Media presence, while other colleagues endeavoured to get as many new readers’ cards registered as possible.

We also had a special appearance from Tim Kirtley, the Librarian at Wadham College, who talked briefly about that college’s Persian collection, which is open to any Oriental Institute readers who wish to use it upon application. There are forms at the OIL front desk for anyone wishing to apply to use this resource.

After the talks there was some time for new users to get to grips with SOLO, PCAS and other scary library-related acronyms, as well as a presentation on the new Library Assistant resource in the office, and some lovely Middle Eastern sweets courtesy of Dinah. We hope that our new readers found the session useful and informative, and are, as ever, very happy to answer any questions that readers bring to us.

Meanwhile, in other news:

For those of you who may have missed the original posts, there is now a way of paying library fines online via the University’s shopping pages We hope that this will be popular with readers.

On Wednesday 30th October, we had a visit from a Korean television crew who were reporting on the Window on Korea section in the basement, which is sponsored by the National Library of Korea, and is now one of the biggest Korean studies collections in the UK.

Finally, and just because we can, another shameless plug for our Mystery Object Competition, which can be found on our Facebook Page. The object itself is near the office on top of the card index, if anyone wishes to have a look at it in the flesh (well, concrete) as it were. Keep those entries coming in!



October Headlines


Wow, that went by quickly!! After the tranquillity of September, October always seems like a mad rush, but entirely in a good way, I can assure you!

The return of established students and the arrival of the new intake of undergraduates and postgraduates is always an exciting time. Our Library Open Day on 5th October was a great success, with many new and known faces visiting the library to take advantage of the free sweets and (hopefully) listen to the various subject specialists and yours truly talking about what the library has to offer in terms of support for the courses run by the faculty and also (me) encouraging people to get involved in the Social Media activities of the Library.

We very much enjoyed meeting everyone and hope that the experience was helpful. It certainly has felt a bit less fraught here in the first manic weeks of term and we have wondered whether that was because people felt less nervous of us! I am pleased to report that the Facebook Page ( now has 282 “likes”; not quite the 300 by the end of the first week that I had hoped for, but still pretty good!

Elsewhere the work has now been completed on the Window on Korea multimedia room in the basement. We have yet to set up a formal booking procedure for the room, so for now it’s probably best just to ask in the Library if you need to use it, but we will let you know when we have something more official set up.  The nice brass plaque has been attached to the wall, and we have moved some of the Korean Studies books to the KSL (Korean Studies Library) section, which is round the corner in the basement where the Middle East Library books used to be. A large consignment of new Korean books is on its way as well, as yet we do not have a definitive date for when these will arrive.

The photos are from our Open Day. We all especially like this one of Jonathan modelling the t-shirt!

How to Print, Copy and Scan: 5 Key Facts


As it’s the start of a new academic year, we’ve got lots of new students and students returning from years abroad in the library. One of the most frequently asked questions is how to do printing, photocopying and scanning. All of the Bodleian Libraries (i.e. most of the Oxford libraries that aren’t part of colleges) now use the same system, called PCAS, that was introduced a year ago.

Here’s the five key facts:

  • PCAS stands for Print, Copy and Scan – the one system covers all three actions. So yes, this means that you can now scan and print in the Oriental Institute Library, as well as just photocopying.
  • You register for an account yourself online at, making up your own username and password. Make sure it’s something that you’ll remember!
  • You can add credit in 3 different ways: using a credit or debit card online; going to the Old Bodleian where you can top up using cash; or we can transfer credit from an old-style photocopying card to your new account (useful for students returning from their years abroad!)
  • Once you’ve created your account, you can do photocopying and scanning by simply going to any of the ‘photocopiers’ in any Bodleian Library and using your account username and password. You can also link your university card to your account using any photocopier – this means you don’t need to type in the username and password each time.
  • Any print jobs done at any library computer automatically go to PCAS, and you can also upload files to be printed from home using Once you’ve sent a print job to your PCAS account you will see the option to print it when you log in to any of our ‘photocopiers’, anywhere in the Bodleian Libraries.

If you want more info on PCAS, head to where there are lots of step-by-step guides. Or just ask at any Bodleian Libraries desk, we’re here to help!

Vacation loans due back today


Remember, everyone, vacation loans are due back today!

To renew a book:

  • Go to SOLO 
  • Click ‘Oxford SSO’ in the upper right corner of the webpage, and enter your Single Sign On details
  • Then click ‘My Account’ in the upper right corner of the webpage
  • A list of all your loans from any Oxford library should appear- click ‘Renew’ on the items you want to renew

Catalogue Switch Lasting until Fri 22nd


Due to the computer system failing the day before it was due to be upgraded, the switch-over to our new catalogue system will last longer than expected – probably until this Friday, the 22nd July at 9am. Ordering books from stacks will not be possible until that date.

There are various emergency systems in place – go here to find out more:

Book ordering 7 to 22 July 2011 and OLIS replacement


The Bodleian is currently switching online catalogues. This has lots of knock-on effects on things like ordering books from the Bodleian! This should last just over a week – from this evening (Thursday 7th July) to the morning of Monday 18th July.

For more information, please visit:

ETA: The process has been delayed, and the system will now be back online on Friday 22nd July at 9am.

New online resource trial


BABO (the Bibliography of Arabic Books Online) aims to become a comprehensive bibliographic database containing information about virtually all books published in Arabic before 1960, and then continuing up to the present. The bibliography will ultimately contain over 80,000 records and almost 35,000 unique name records.

We’ve got a free trial on it until the 2nd March 2011- so please check it out and tell us what you think of it! It’s quite an expensive resource, so we’d particularly value feedback.

New Books July 2010


Here’s our list of new books for July 2010. We’ve also started putting our new books into LibraryThing:

This blog and our new LibraryThing entries will also both be fed into our new Twitter account, if you want to follow us there:

BM176.F34 EAR 2009 Ref.
Nickelsburg, George W. E., 1934-
Early Judaism : text and documents on faith and piety, Rev. ed.
Fortress Press, 2009

BM176.J495 JEW 2009
Stern, Menahem
Jewish identities in antiquity : studies in memory of Menahem Stern
Mohr Siebeck, 2009

BP137.F54 FIG 2000
Aigle, Denise
Figures mythiques des mondes musulmans
Edisud, 2000

BP188.8.I53 SUF 2010 Ref.
Aquil, Raziuddin
Sufism and society in medieval India
Oxford University Press, 2010

BP189.R24 RAD 2009
Radtke, Bernd
Materialien zur alten islamischen Frommigkeit
Brill, 2009

BP80.S252 A3 SAL 2006
Salman, al-Farisi, d. ca. 656
From Esfahan to Madinah : Salman al-Farisi’s hadith
Goodword Books, 2006

BQ905.N2 A713 ASV 2007
Asvaghosa. Saundarananda. English & Sanskrit
Handsome Nanda, 1st ed.
New York University Press : JJC Foundation, 2007

BR65.J283 H6413 JAC 2009
Jacob, of Serug, 451-521. Homily on the Tower of Babel. English & Syriac
Jacob of Sarug’s Homily on the Tower of Babel, 1st Gorgias Press ed.
Gorgias Press, 2009

BS2545.J44 D66 DON 2010 Ref.
Donaldson, Terence L.
Jews and Anti-Judaism in the New Testament : decision points and divergent interpretations
SPCK Publishing ; Baylor University Press, 2010

BS2880.T5 M94 MYE 2010
Myers, Susan E.
Spirit epicleses in the Acts of Thomas
Mohr Siebeck, 2010

BS715 BIB 2004 Ref.
Bible. O.T. Deuteronomy. 2007
Eleh ha-devarim = Deuteronomy
Deutsche Bibelgesellschaft, 2007

BS715 BIB 2004 Ref.
Bible. O.T. Proverbs. Hebrew. 2008
Mishle = Proverbs
Deutsche Bibelgesellschaft, 2008

BV178.W55 WIL 2008
Williamson, H. G. M. (Hugh Godfrey Maturin), 1947-
Holy, holy, holy : the story of a liturgical formula
Walter de Gruyter, 2008

BX184.L4 M64 MOH 2008
Mohasseb Saliba, Sabine
Les monasteres maronites doubles du Liban : entre Rome et l’Empire ottoman (XVIIe-XIXe siecles)
Geuthner ; PUSEK, 2008

BX4713.563 C43 CHA 2008
Chahwan, N.
L’ordination diaconale dans l’Eglise Maronite
PUSEK, 2008

D13.5.I75 HIS 2009
Debie, Muriel
L’historiographie syriaque
Geuthner, 2009

DS117 BRE 2010 Ref.
Brenner, Michael, 1964- Kleine judische Geschichte. English
A short history of the Jews
Princeton University Press, 2010

DS231 ARA 2009
Schiettecatte, Jeremie
L’Arabie a la veille de l’Islam : bilan clinique : table ronde tenue au College de France, Paris, les 28 et 29 aout 2006 dans le cadre du projet de l’Agence nationale de la recherche “de l’antiquite tardive a l’Islam”
De Boccard, 2009

DS247.A185 MAI 2004
Maitra, Jayanti
Qasr al-Husn : tarikh hukkam Abu Zaby, 1793-1966, Tabah 3.
Markaz al-Wathaiq wa-al-Buhuth, 2004

DS59.S94 GAL 2010
Galletti, Mirella. Cristiani del Kurdistan. French
Le Kurdistan et ses chretiens
Cerf, 2010

DS99.D3 FAD 2010 Ref.
Fadel, Marie. Damaskus. English
Damascus : taste of a city
Haus, 2010

DT95.65 FAR2006
Farraj, Samir
al-Dawlah al-Ikhshidiyah
Markaz al-Rayah lil-Nashr wa-al-Ilam, 2006

DT96 IRW 2010 Ref.
Irwin, Robert, 1946-
Mamluks and Crusaders : men of the sword and men of the pen
Ashgate/Variorum, 2010

G93 QAZ 1984
Qazwini, Zakariya ibn Muhammad, 1208 or 9-1283 or 4
Athar al-bilad wa-akhbar al-ibad
Dar Bayrut, 1984

KBP310.K38 KAW 2005
Kawsaj, Ishaq ibn Mansur, d. 865 or 6
Kitab al-Masail an Imamay ahl al-hadith Ahmad ibn Hanbal wa-Ishaq ibn Rahwayh, al-Tabah 1.
al-Faruq al-Hadithah, 2005

KBP310.K38 KAW 2005
Kawsaj, Ishaq ibn Mansur, d. 865 or 6
Kitab al-Masail an Imamay ahl al-hadith Ahmad ibn Hanbal wa-Ishaq ibn Rahwayh, al-Tabah 1.
al-Faruq al-Hadithah, 2005

KBP310.K38 KAW 2005
Kawsaj, Ishaq ibn Mansur, d. 865 or 6
Kitab al-Masail an Imamay ahl al-hadith Ahmad ibn Hanbal wa-Ishaq ibn Rahwayh, al-Tabah 1.
al-Faruq al-Hadithah, 2005

PJ4576.B5513 BLA 2010
Blau, Joshua, 1919- Torat ha-hegeh veha-tsurot. English
Phonology and morphology of Biblical Hebrew : an introduction
Eisenbrauns, 2010

PJ6770.33.B47 BER 2005
Bergman, Elizabeth M.
Spoken Algerian Arabic
Dunwoody Press, 2005

PJ7542.D53 H37 HAS 2008
Hasan, Ghassan
al-Tughrudah al-Imaratiyah : dirasah ilmiyah fi fann al-tughrudah fi al-turath al-shabi al-Imarati, al-Tabah 1.
Hayat Abu Zaby lil-Thaqafah wa-al-Turath, Akadimiyat al-Shir, 2008

PJ7860.A28 I4 RAD 1962
Radwan, Fathi
Ilah raghma anfih: wa-tamthiliyat ukhra
Dar al-Maarif, 1962

PK3741.H6 E5 NAR 2007
Narayana. Hitopadesa. English & Sanskrit
Friendly advice, 1st ed.
New York University Press : JJC Foundation, 2007

PK3791.B198 R3813 BHA 2009
Bhanudatta Misra. Rasamanjari. English & Sanskrit
Bouquet of rasa ; &, River of rasa
New York University Press, 2009

PK3796.S4 V37 KAL 2006
Kalidasa. Sakuntala. English & Sanskrit
The recognition of Shakuntala
New York University Press : JJC Foundation, 2006

Z7052 BAB 1951 Fol.
Babani, Ismail Basha, d. 1920 or 21
Hadiyat al-arifin : asma al-muallifin wa-athar al-musannifin
Wikalat al-Maarif, 1951

Z7052 BAB 1951 Fol.
Babani, Ismail Basha, d. 1920 or 21
Hadiyat al-arifin : asma al-muallifin wa-athar al-musannifin
Wikalat al-Maarif, 1951

New Website Launched


The all-new re-vamped OIL website has been launched at

Unlike our previous page, this one follows the same design as most of the other big Bodleian libraries. It has more information on useful e-resources, and following recent requests it also has a Recent Acquisitions List and a guide to the new Library of Congress classification.

Obviously the webpage is primarily there to help you, the readers. So if you have any suggestions on how to improve it, we’d love to hear from you!

Our book-move on Saturday was a success. We’ve managed to clear all the Islamic Religion (B and BP) books from the temporary shelving at the front of the library, and dismantled one row of temporary shelves, making the library feel much airier and less claustrophobic. We’ve also compacted our Islamic History collection (D, DS and DT), so it’s all down the right hand side of the library in a single sequence. We’ve still got lots of moving to be done over the next few months but we’ll do it in quiet periods to avoid impacting on our readers too much.

OIL 2.0


The Oriental Institute Library is currently on a big drive to update our web presence before the new academic year!

Dawn (Dawn Vaux, our Deputy Librarian who runs the library day-to-day) is working on making our main webpage at a bit more exciting and up-to-date, whilst James (James Fishwick, Senior Library Assistant and book cataloguer) has created a blog at and a facebook page at

It’s all very exciting!

James is planning on updating this blog at least once a week, with information on our current projects and any particularly exciting news. Thanks to the wonders of RSS, all the new blog entries will magically appear on our Facebook page as well… They can also be added to Livejournal friends pages, using

We’d particularly welcome feedback from our library users, and would love to know what you think we should be doing online to help you use the library- do you want online tours? Regular news? Photos of new books? Or do you have any other suggestions? 

If you’ve got anything to say feel free to comment on our blog or on the discussion at our facebook page, or get in contact with us using any of the info on our webpage