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Termtime Opening


The Oriental Institute's Snowman, Jan 2010

As the snow of 0th week clears we’re entering term proper.

The Oriental Institute Library will be open this Saturday (16th Jan) from 10 am til 1 pm, and from Monday 18th Jan we’ll be open 9:15 am to 7 pm – giving you that vital extra two hours every day in the library.

Finally, all vacation loans were due back yesterday- so hurry into the library if you haven’t yet renewed them, as the fines will be building up…


New Books


Some new books we got during December. If you want to consult any of these, they’re on the Recent Acquisitions Display (on the table near the PCs):

Nasr, Seyyed Hossein
An anthology of philosophy in Persia
I. B. Tauris in association with the Institute of Ismaili Studies, 2008

Razi, Fakhr al-Din Muhammad ibn Umar, 1149 or 50-1210. Nafs wa-al-ruh wa-sharh quwahuma
Kitab al-nafs wa-al-ruh wa-sharh quwahuma
Islamic Research Institute, 1968

Schweid, Eliezer. Likrat tarbut Yehudit modernit. English
The idea of modern Jewish culture
Academic Studies Press, 2008

Schwartz, Dov
Religious-Zionism : history and ideology
Academic Studies Press, 2009

Cathcart, Kevin J.
The Edward Hincks bicentenary lectures
University College Dublin, Department of Near Eastern Languages, 1994

Zohar. English
The Zohar, Pritzker ed.
Stanford University Press, 2004

Muradi al-Hadrami, Muhammad bin al-Hasan, d. 1095 or 96
Kitab al-isharah ila adab al-imarah, al-Tabah 1.
Dar al-Taliah li-l-Tabaah wa-al-Nashr, 1981

Ibn al-Sikkit, d. 857 or 8
Texte zur arabischen Lexikographie
Otto Harrassowitz, 1905

Avempace, d. 1138 or 9. Kawn wa-al-fasad. Spanish & Arabic
Libro de la generacion y corrupcion
Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas, 1995

Under the Weather


It’s snowing!

The head of OULS has decreed that as a result all OULS libraries (including OIL) will close early at 3 pm on Wednesday 6th and open late at 10 am on Thursday 7th.

Welcome back!


The Oriental Institute Library has re-opened for 2010, and will be open 9.15 am – 5 pm every weekday this week.

We hope all our readers had a good vacation, and wish everyone all the best for this new year…