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Vacation Borrowing


The Winter Vacation is soon upon us, and Oriental Institute books are now being issued for the whole of the winter break. This means that books are now due back on the 14th January 2010- that’s Thursday 0th Week. If you renew your books it’ll also take you up to the 14th.


The Return Of The Bookmovers


Our book move a couple of weeks ago didn’t quite go as swiftly as we’d expected. We slightly underestimated the amount of time it’d take…

So this Saturday and possibly next Saturday the bookmovers will return. We’ll still be open as normal, from 10am to 1pm, but it might be rather noisy.

Last time we compressed the entire of the D/DS/DT section (Islamic History). This time we’re going to be working on the B/BP (Islamic Religion) and PJ/PK/PL (Arabic/Turkish/Persian Literature) sections. We’re not removing any books, just moving them up to get rid of empty space on the shelves. The extra shelves this frees up will be used to accomodate New Bodleian books, when the New Bod closes.

Here’s a map of our current plans: