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Wireless Name Change


“OULS” (Oxford University Library Services) were renamed “The Bodleian Libraries” earlier this year. A wave of rebranding occured, including our name change to the Bodleian Oriental Institute Library. On the 20th July the rebranding will reach our wireless network- it’ll change from “ouls-reader” to “Bodleian-Libraries”. Logging on will remain exactly the same.

So when you open your web browser it’ll ask you for your barcode number (from your library card) and your OLIS password. Your OLIS password is the one you also use to renew books online, request books from the stack, use the PCs in the library, and so on- if you haven’t changed it, it’ll probably be your date of birth in the format 31MAR1983. If that d0esn’t work, we can change your password at the library desk- but it may take up to 30 minutes to change in all our systems, so you may not be able to get into the wireless service immediately.

If you have any problems, just ask at the front desk.


Basement becomes Open Access


Most of our readers know that the Bodleian Oriental Institute Library has collections in Arabic Language and Literature on our ground floor, the PJ section. However what’s less widely known is that we also keep an extensive Arabic Literature section that belongs to the Middle East Library in our basement. These books have been on our online catalogue and available to borrow for a while, but to get access to them you’ve previously had to ask at the front desk.

We plan to eventually move the books upstairs, so they’ll be closer to the main Islamic Literature section, but for now we’ve made these books open access- the doors to the basement have been removed, and anyone can feel free to browse. The collection contains critical works as well as items of literature, and there are lots of gems to be found there. Enjoy!

The books can be found on the online catalogue, where they all have shelf marks beginning with P.

New Books June 2010


Here’s the monthly list of new books at the Bodleian Oriental Institute Library. As always, these are available for viewing on our new books display.

BL1284.23.H38 HAT 2008
Hatcher, Brian A. (Brian Allison)
Bourgeois Hinduism, or the faith of the modern Vedantists : rare discourses from early colonial Bengal
Oxford University Press, 2008

DS124.A53 BON 2009
Bonfil, Robert
History and folklore in a medieval Jewish chronicle : the family chronicle of Ahima’az ben Paltiel
Brill, 2009

DS785.A1 INT 1994
International Association for Tibetan Studies. Seminar (6th : 1992 : Fagernes, Norway)
Tibetan studies : proceedings of the 6th seminar of the International Association for Tibetan Studies, Fagernes 1992
Institute for Comparative Research in Human Culture, 1994

DS786 INT 1980
International Seminar on Tibetan Studies (1979 : St. John’s College)
Tibetan studies : in honour of Hugh Richardson : proceedings of the international seminar on Tibetan studies, Oxford 1979
Aris & Phillips, 1980

HT1306.Z55 ZIL 2010 Ref.
Zilfi, Madeline C.
Women and slavery in the late Ottoman Empire : the design of difference
Cambridge University Press, 2010

PJ6795.H54 HIN 2009 Ref.
Hinds, Martin
A dictionary of Egyptian Arabic : Arabic-English
Librairie du Liban, 2009

PK9160.R39 RAY 2010
The literature of Georgia : A history, 3rd rev. ed.
Garnet Press, 2010

PL3611.H65 HOD 1990
Hodge, Stephen, 1947-
An introduction to classical Tibetan
Aris & Phillips, 1990

PL3613.G56 GOL 1977
Goldstein, Melvyn C.
Modern literary Tibetan, Enl. 2d ed
[s.n.], 1977