September news

The days are shortening; Oxford is filling up… this can only mean one thing: Term is almost upon us!

Rest assured we have used the last month of the long summer wisely! September saw another of our regular (and increasingly epic) book moves – redistributing the Library of Congress books to make room for more as they are added to our collection and reclassified from the old sequence.

Kate once again undertook this move single-handed, but as she is only with us on three afternoons a week it took almost 3 weeks to complete. We are reassessing how we can logistically manage the next move when it becomes necessary to do another so that it does not run on for quite so long!

Meanwhile, the shelf-labels are up to date, and most items are not far from their previous locations, although some will have shuffled around corners. We hope that readers will get used to the new homes for their old favourites reasonably quickly, but do check the shelf labels and ask us if you cannot find things.

As a result of this move, the reclassification for the summer stalled somewhat, but the number of books reclassified during July and August ran to 379 individual shelfmarks; 427 items in total.

Stay tuned for an exciting October, highlights of which will include:

The OIL Open Day on Friday 11th October,

A whizzy new online tool for Freshers (and everyone else),

AND… the OIL Mystery Object Competition!


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