Goodbye to the yellow folder!

Readers who regularly use the “Apply Staff” books on the shelves over the issue desk at OIL will be all-too familiar with the above item, used to sign out books for use in the library. However, after many years of loyal service we are retiring the yellow folder in favour of a new procedure which will bring things more in line with other libraries and enable us to keep better track of the most used items.


Starting next week – Monday 18th March – books with an “Apply Staff” status will be lent to readers on a Short Loan, for three hours at a time. After 4.30 pm this will extend to an overnight loan, with the books being due back at 9.30 am the following day.

This will not only make it easier for us to track them down if they are needed by others, but will also mean that we will be able to gather statistics about usage, which will help in the long-term to keep the reserve collection as up-to-date and relevant to our readers’ studies as possible.

Please note that Short Loan books should still NOT be taken out of the Library during the day even if they are checked out to you, unless under exceptional circumstances. We would prefer them to remain within easy reach of the other users of the Library for the benefit of everyone. Short Loan books will accrue fines of 50p per hour after the initial loan period expires. Books borrowed on Saturday (which obviously can be taken out of the building) will be due back on Monday at 9.30 am.

The photo shows our former colleague James, modelling the Apply Staff collection.


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