September Highlights and Announcements

Before I get to the highlights for September, a big announcement (well, big for us!):

From next week, the start of Term proper, readers will be permitted to borrow 8 books at a time from OIL instead of the former upper limit of 6. The usual two-week borrowing period still applies during Term.

So, September? Always a quiet one for us, I’m afraid. The Library’s annual leave calendar runs October-September, so at some point in June or July everyone panics and books most of the last month off to use up their leave. Subsequently OIL has been without at least one member of staff for most of the month, but given that we rarely have huge numbers of readers during the month before Term starts this has not proven to be an insurmountable problem.

We have not been idle! The work on the Window on Korea room downstairs continues, and the ongoing reclassification of the older BP sequence has been rattling on apace, currently somewhere in the Islamic Law section and therefore keep an eye on KBP in the new sequence, which is shuffling around in various directions as books are added and moved.

We have also been preparing for Inductions; the Library Open Day is this Friday, 5th October, and will feature sessions on how to use SOLO, various subject-related points of contact and also a brief (and easy) session from your humble blogger on the Library’s Social Media presence. Look out for the fliers/posters during the week!

Looking ahead, we have the mammoth task that is processing all the books which will be returned at the start of Term, which is probably a good place to remind people that books borrowed over the Vacation are due back NEXT MONDAY 8th October! I will post a reminder of Facebook nearer the time, but thought it should be mentioned here too.


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