How to Print, Copy and Scan: 5 Key Facts

As it’s the start of a new academic year, we’ve got lots of new students and students returning from years abroad in the library. One of the most frequently asked questions is how to do printing, photocopying and scanning. All of the Bodleian Libraries (i.e. most of the Oxford libraries that aren’t part of colleges) now use the same system, called PCAS, that was introduced a year ago.

Here’s the five key facts:

  • PCAS stands for Print, Copy and Scan – the one system covers all three actions. So yes, this means that you can now scan and print in the Oriental Institute Library, as well as just photocopying.
  • You register for an account yourself online at, making up your own username and password. Make sure it’s something that you’ll remember!
  • You can add credit in 3 different ways: using a credit or debit card online; going to the Old Bodleian where you can top up using cash; or we can transfer credit from an old-style photocopying card to your new account (useful for students returning from their years abroad!)
  • Once you’ve created your account, you can do photocopying and scanning by simply going to any of the ‘photocopiers’ in any Bodleian Library and using your account username and password. You can also link your university card to your account using any photocopier – this means you don’t need to type in the username and password each time.
  • Any print jobs done at any library computer automatically go to PCAS, and you can also upload files to be printed from home using Once you’ve sent a print job to your PCAS account you will see the option to print it when you log in to any of our ‘photocopiers’, anywhere in the Bodleian Libraries.

If you want more info on PCAS, head to where there are lots of step-by-step guides. Or just ask at any Bodleian Libraries desk, we’re here to help!


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