Turkish books all in OLIS & SOLO

Many of our books were originally just listed in the card catalogue, not on the online catalogues OLIS & SOLO. Over the past two years we’ve been changing that, and we’ve now completed over two thirds of the library (almost 29,000 books!) The Turkish Language & Literature (PL) section is the latest to finish being retro-converted by James, and now there’s just the Hebrew (H) collection and a few oddments (the General Reference 000-190 and the Islamic Sciences Q-T) left.

In the Turkish collection there were around 3500 books. Just under 2600 were already on OLIS and over 250 were in Oxford at other locations. Almost 650 were unique to our library so needed to be catalogued from scratch and 20 were in Ottoman Turkish and James couldn’t find a record for them so they need to wait for a specialist to catalogue.

Mark and Lidio have now completed their cataloguing training, so they’re joining James in the project. They’ve begun work on the Islamic Science and General Reference areas, whilst James is diving downstairs to the Hebrew section to try to get as much of that done as possible before his contract runs out in April!


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